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About Us

About the company

Anavo Consulting was birthed out of a deep desire within the heart of our Founder, Fiona Pascoal in August 2016 to assist individuals, teams, and SMEs to improve and/or ignite their potential by assisting them in improving their thinking.

The organization is built on a foundation of integrity and is trusted by the clients and organizations we have served. We specialize in the service we provide. We are reliable, responsive, and consistent in our commitment to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to become more efficient, improve profitability, or maximize the value of your small business, we have the ability to assist you to reach your full potential.


Anavo Consulting empowers people to achieve their full potential and bring their dreams to reality. Through our offering, people can improve their thinking, leadership behaviours, skills and techniques which empowers them to be agile to change and become solution minded.



Anavo Consulting helps individuals get what they want to achieve and live a life of balance as well as empowers entrepreneurs to thrive in their business while building a life that is aligned with their values.

We also ignite the hidden potential in individuals and SME’s, reintroducing them to their dreams, and take them on a journey to see their dreams becoming a reality. Anavo Consulting staff are devoted to making effective leadership for every individual we touch a reality.

Through our programmes we help individuals learn the art of self-discipline, active listening and creative thinking and problem solving – vital skills that promote self-realisation, enhance personal leadership qualities, foster emotional maturity, and contribute to the improvement and development of the human race to assist in bringing about positive transformation..


Anavo Consulting exists to positively influence people and to help them create their dreams, overcome their obstacles, and use their potential. Our purpose is to bring about positive change, one person at a time.The center of our purpose is embedded in encouraging people to live a life of courage, creative expression, social awareness, and abundant possibility through clear, measurable goals and implementation.